• Inspection and certification for modification codes
  • Design, simulation and testing
  • Compliance planning and review
  • Defect notice rectification


Transmod is approved to offer certification for the following modification codes: 

A1 - Engine Substitution

A2Air Cleaner Substitution or Additional Fitment

A3 - Turbo Charger Installation

A4 - Exhaust System Alterations

A5 - Road Speed Limiter Installation

B1Transmission Substitution or Additional Fitment

C1 - Tail shaft Alterations

D1 - Rear Axle/s Installation

D2 - Differential Substitution

E1 - Front Axle Installation

E2 - Steering System Alteration

E3Fitting of Non-Standard Wheels and Rims and Tyre Componentry

F1 - Suspension Substitution

F2 - Trailer Suspension Modification

G1Air Brake System – Repositioning of Controls, Valves & Pipe work

G2Fitting of Trailer Brake 10 plus Connections & Controls on Prime Movers

G3 - Trailer Brake System Upgrading

G4 - Brake System Certification

G5 - Auxiliary Brake Installation

G6 - Air Operated Accessories

G7 - Brake System Substitution

G8 - Trailer Brake System Upgrade

H1Wheelbase Extension greater than 1st Manufacturer’s Option

H2Wheelbase Reduction less than 1st Manufacturer’s Option

H3Wheelbase Extension or Reduction within 1st Manufacturer’s Option

H4Chassis Frame Alteration other than Change in Wheelbase

H5 - Trailer Chassis frame Modification

H6 - Certification of Front Underrun Protection on Heavy Vehicles and Certification of Bullbars for Fitting to ADR 84/00 Compliant Vehicles

J1Mounting of Body – Vehicles greater than 4.5 tonne GVM

K1Seating capacity Alteration & Seat Belt Alteration

K2 - Seat belt Anchorage Certification

K3 - Cabin Conversion

K4 - Wheelchair restraint Installation

K5 - Seating capacity Alteration & Seat Belt Alteration

K6Child restraint Installation (Stand-alone Queensland Code)

M1 - Fuel Tank repositioning or Additional Fitting

P1Tow Coupling Installation Vehicle greater than 4.5 tonne GVM

P2 - Fifth Wheel & King Pin Installation

Q1Truck Mounted Crane Installation 1.0 to 10 meter tonne capacity

R1 - Goods Loading Device Installation

R2 - Wheelchair Loader Installation

S1GVM Rating and GCM Rating to S2 or S3 approved design or within Manufacturer’s Specifications

S2 - GVM Rating for Non Standard Vehicles

S3GCM rating approved design certification for non-standard vehicles or special vehicles

S4 - Rigid Omnibus Mass Rating

S5 - Articulated Omnibus Mass Rating

S6 - Omnibus Evaluation

S7Aggregate Trailer Mass Rating to S12 approved design or within manufacturer’s specification

S8 - Road Train Prime Mover Rating

S9 - B-Double Rating

S10Concessional Livestock Loading Vehicle Rating

S11 - Road Train Trailer Rating

S12ATM Rating for approved design certification for Non Standard Trailers 

S13 - Bus Life Vehicle Rating

T1 - Construction of Tow Trucks

T2 - Design of Tow Trucks







 Heavy vehicle modifications




TRANSMOD - Light and heavy vehicle modification design and certification – NCOP QCOP NHVR - Call 0499 333 911 
  • RPEQ design and certification
  • Mod plates 
  • Child restraint anchorages 
  • Individually constructed vehicles
  • Import vehicle compliance 
  • Caravan ATM upgrades
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